Work with Jeannie


the precise problem needing to be addressed in order to


a cut to the core solution that is designed for your situation and is simple and science based in order to


ineffective behaviors and accelerate performance in line with business strategy

How do I work

I (really) listen, ask the right questions, and tailor a made-to fit development solution that works. You don’t need an off-the shelf tool; you need a partner to guide you to the next level of performance that fuels growth for you and your company. I also have a carefully curated stack of tools and ideas from best sources that span the world of business and people–Harvard Business Publishing, McKinsey, Business and Strategy–and share them at just the right time to shed light on what to learn and try.

What do I do?





Accelerated Learning

I prepare leaders to help team members reach for big goals that drive business priorities while developing skills to get results.

I help leaders to understand their situation and take action to adjust their company culture in order to optimize business performance.

I help you to understand that it’s not about changing your personality; it’s about learning new, more versatile behaviors that fit situations and increase power and impact.

Who I work with:

Innovative Leaders

of entrepreneurial organizations willing to be hands on in identifying problems and tailoring solutions that allow their talent to shine.


willing to diverge from the conventional business path to try tailored-to-fit talent solutions that rely on experience on the job versus simply “training.”

Talented Women and Men

at any point in their career, who are keen to identify and alter personality driven behaviors that create stumbling blocks to success.

Leaders of Organizations

who can’t afford the time, money, and constraints of more complex talent programs and want practical solutions that work.

Clients Say…

"We wanted to rapidly grow our business, changing to a client driven culture. We lucked out when we chose Jeannie as our consulting partner. She understood our business, our strategy and what needed to be done to make it happen quickly. She helped our executive team lead the change and invest in the right learning. We grew revenue from $500 million to $1 billion in 3 years."

Jim Dixon, CEO, Compucom

“Jeannie and I worked together on the board of directors of the Portland Association of Corporate Growth. Her primary field is strategic HR, but she brought a savvy broad business perspective to her role. When Jeanie teams with senior business leaders, good things happen, and happen fast. She amazes them, as she did me, with her seemingly endless creativity, energy, and her C-suite analytical skills.”

Frank Helle CEO Axian

“When I first met Jeannie, I was struck by her ability to grasp complex organizational issues, target opportunities and craft creative solutions. I had not previously met anyone who could go 0 to 60, from big picture to tactics with confidence and perspective. I call her when the going gets tough and the issues are big. When she walks in the office, I know we're going places.”

Regina Hepp, Chief Learning Officer, Fortune 500 Financial Services Companies

“When you have meetings where people need to wrap their brains around complex issues and navigate quickly to get to action, Jeannie is the facilitator for you. She has the skill and instinct to balance the structure for thinking with spontaneous and artful facilitation: just the right combination of penetrating questions, humor and encouragement that keeps groups on task and motivated. "

Margaret Alldredge, Former CLO of 3M

“I could not be happier with the executive coaching provided to me by Jeannie Coyle. She is simply brilliant, and I appreciated most how she helped me look thru a variety of lenses at my skills and opportunities for continued growth. She is rigorous in everything she does, insightful, honest, and compassionate. I’d recommend her to any executive who is looking to attain their top performance."

Don Dornblaser, VP Digital Product Development at start-up companies

“When I want to get a fresh perspective on a strategic HR situation that I am faced with, I am 100% confident that I can get unique and sound advice from Jeannie that takes into account the full business landscape."

Kim King Vice President HR Leupold and Stevens

“I was amazed at Jeannie’s ability to listen and learn about me and my situation and help me craft powerful learning goals. Not only was she good at asking the right questions for me to develop new ways to think and act, she has a seemingly endless source of high quality resources that she offered up just when I needed them and was motivated to learn from them. "

Mike Doll, VP Finance, Yaculta

Past Clients