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Hire Jeannie to craft keynotes, workshops, and learning experiences. Your employees will be motivated and entertained by the real deal: a power punch of practical wisdom and take-aways to elevate their leadership potential.

If you want your employees to perk up their minds with new insights and practical techniques to improve their leadership abilities and get results: Hire Jeannie!

What People Say About Jeannie…

"Jeannie prepared and delivered a most engaging and compelling presentation on communication and influence to our audience of women leaders in architecture in Portland, Oregon. She got our attention right way with current research on the issues that impact us. Her messages were clear and motivating. She engaged us in activities and discussions that enlivened the learning. We had such tremendously positive feedback from all of our attendees that we have invited her back to continue the discussion in a longer format to more fully take advantage of her deep experience. She is such a warm and genuine speaker that we are truly looking forward to our next event."

Amy Vohs, Chair ForWARD Committee

"For our Women’s Power Pairing Event Jeannie hand tailored a working presentation session that put Women’s Confidence Gap in perspective, with helpful ways not only to think about it but to close the gap. Amazingly she also gave the women mentor pairs a high power set of ideas to increase the power and impact of their mentoring. I was impressed with her intelligent content married with her authentically engaging style of presentation and her ability to pack so much learning in an hour event."

Cara Snow Technology Association of Oregon Community Development Officer



Managers’ Winning Formula for People plus Performance

Strategies and tactics of exceptional leaders who fuel the performance and development of people, at the same time, through setting bigger and better goals and delivering high power feedback

Fix Feedback. Make It Situational

Feedback often misses the mark. Learn to plan and give feedback that hits the mark in all kinds of situations to give people the help they need to develop

Building a Talent Pipeline

Designing and operating a pipeline that reliably delivers highly developed leaders

Women and Leadership

How talented women can identify and change mindsets and ways of acting that get in the way of rising

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