Make Talent Your Business

Managers, would you like a way you can develop people and get results at the same time, saving time and increasing performance?

Science says approximately 70% of learning is from experience and only 10% is from training. Yet few managers have mastered how to help people learn from experience. Wendy Axerod and I wrote Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results based on research with managers who have mastered this game changing skill. Our book is a treasure trove of stories and practical tips and tools for you to learn from your own experience what they do everyday to help people learn from their experience.

Readers Say…

"Many of my clients are entrepreneurs, and 'Making Talent Your Business' is a wonderful guide for them because they know that paying attention to developing talent is important, but they worry that it's too costly to incorporate into their organizations. Wendy and Jeannie have created a readable, useful and practical how-to guide that leaders can use effectively to develop their people. The format of the book makes it easy to focus on relevant stories and strategies. I have been giving copies to my coaching clients and the response has been very positive."

Lesley Mallow Wendell, President and Owner, Rosewood Consulting Group, Chair of Philadelphia Chapter of Women Presidents Organization

"As a senior leader striving for market-leading, game-changing results, I always knew that our people were the key differentiator. Wendy and Jeannie have uncovered the practical actions that allow managers to develop people and achieve superior business results!”

Amy S. Abrams, former Senior Vice President, Merck and former President, Telerx

"Unlike most authors who expound one theory or another anecdotally about how to develop people, Axelrod and Coyle actually present the first research based analysis of those behaviors that truly differentiate those leaders who are most successful at developing their people, i.e., what successful talent developers actually do! The reader is then provided with a pragmatic framework along with specific and highly learnable behaviors -- virtually a "cookbook" to help leaders at all levels further differentiate themselves and enhance their ability to coach, mentor and develop talent. The best part for me . . . the framework is based upon a fundamental truth . . . real development occurs on the job and thus needs to be an integral part of getting the important work accomplished."

Ed Piccolino, Ph.D., Managing Director, Piccolino Associates LLC and Chairman of the Board at Blue Man Productions, and Vice Chairman, MHW Ltd (former SVP HR at Pepsi International; EMI Music and Kodak Polychrome Graphics).

Practical Advice Based on Persuasive Data “ Jeannie and Wendy have written an evidence-based guide that reveals how to be exceptional at improving human performance every day. Their stories are compelling, their data is persuasive, and their advice is practical.”

Jim Kouzes, Dean’s Professor of Leadership, Leavey School of Business, Santa Clara University, and coauthor of the bestselling The Leadership Challenge

“Practical Solutions for Leveraging Everyday Experience to Develop People All smart leaders know talent is important. And many of them do many things to identify and develop talent. This book, based on conversations with real leaders, provides practical suggestions about how to develop your people. It is not recommended training programs or activities taking people away from their jobs, but how to use work and every day conversations and experiences to develop others. It's great!"

From Susan Gebelein, The Successful Manager’s Handbook and The Successful Executive’s Handbook

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