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About Jeannie

“How do you do it?” my clients ask.

There is no such thing as a one size fits all solution. Like a well fitted wardrobe, my talent strategies and solutions are specifically tailored to your needs.

I am a puzzle solver by nature and love to dig deep to find creative answers that make complex problems magically seem simple and clear.

My goal is to leave you with simple solutions that you can actually implement to transform your talent and help your business thrive.

My Personality

Bob Hope famously said, “I’ve been to almost as many places as my luggage.” In business and in life, I have always desired to understand and explore as much as I could. I grew up in a small farm town in the flat lands of Ohio, and longed to experience city life, so I spent the next 13 years after college in New York City conquering the business world and wetting my feet in the cultural melting pot that is big city life.

With the confidence that comes from succeeding in that atmosphere, I went west to San Francisco and then north to Portland before finally settling in another small town, this time in the high desert town of Prineville in beautiful outdoorsy central Oregon.

My husband David and I were drawn to central Oregon for it’s active lifestyle and blossoming community of entrepreneurs. We are both hands-on people and one of our personal goals was to build our own home, a log house on Indian Rock above the Prineville Reservoir and adjacent to BLM land. In our free time we enjoy challenging ourselves and exploring what life has to offer. We love to ski, kayak, bike, hike, dance, and climb (the easier) mountains–all of which are within a stone’s throw of where we are now. In our downtime we watch films and read with a strong taste for the classics.

Through all my travels and adventures, I have explored art, science, technology, and design in addition to business. With exposure to so many businesses, places and populations I refined my intuition and nurtured my creativity to be able to connect with diverse people emotionally and intellectually. It is through my experience and exposure to business from all levels and sizes of companies, from a variety of different cultures, and climates that I developed my “Strategy through People” perspective. I became known for my insatiable curiosity, my go-getter spirit, and my fast in-depth sizing up of a situation before jumping to a solution. My reputation is as a not-one-size-fits-all analyst who gives answers that work.

Education & Work Experience


Senior Vice President Human Resources, American Express


Vice President Executive and Management Development, Bank of America


Vice President of HR for Operations and Systems, Bank of America


Strategic Partner, The Tom Peters Group


Adjunct Professor, MBA programs of Portland State University and Marylhurst University; faculty of Athena OnLine


Managing Partner, Talent Savvy Manager


Director, CEO Guild MasterMind Board of CEOs

These positions have given me unique insight into how business functions most effectively. From entry level compensation analyst to SVP HR at American Express, and with hundreds of coaching and consulting clients, I learned how to size up a situation before jumping to a solution, and realized that the most powerful tools for performance in any company are the people who work there.


I stick close to my core principles which have served me and my clients so well:

Leadership is learned from experience; this is developed through venturing into new territory, the courage to think critically about oneself, reflect on strengths and weaknesses, and learn from feedback
Management is the key to creating an employee experience that connects people to concrete goals, business purpose, and priorities which will develop new skills and increased results
Ongoing feedback and coaching from management is crucial for growth and business success.

PS. These principles are backed up by real science but also by research I and Wendy Axelrod conducted to write our book, Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results. With these principles in my kit bag and my extensive experience, I bring the practical wisdom to transform individual and organizational performance and love doing it.


4 Step Accelerator to Make You a More Versatile Leader